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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wisdom, Sweet Wisdom...

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Sometimes it hits you in the face like a blast of fresh air...

"To believe that guns cause crime is as stupid as believing that hammers and saws cause houses."

Charlie Reese wrote that.

As you know, I don't own a gun. Still, as Jefferson said, people ought to keep weapons at hand, and know how to use them, to prevent their own government from becoming tyrannical. A government that steals 50% of everyone's labour (and not satisfied with that, actually borrows money which must be repaid by taxpayers)... that's already tyranny. Skilled slaves in the Deep South, used to get to keep more than 50% of their output: they could actually buy their freedom. In our society, there is no way to buy your freedom - except by armed struggle.

And now - for our British compatriots (and others who live in nascent surveillance dictatorships)... a little project that will help you to stymie the Surveillance State.

It come from Krauter-land, and is a DIY Headband to Foil CCTV Cameras... BRILLIANT. (There is another link within the Wired link which takes you to the original Krautish site.

For those of you who think that only criminals need to be worried about being filmed... go back to chewing your cud. Free people do not permit themselves to be ordered about by parasites, nor do they permit their every move to be monitored by some slack-jawed minimum-wage slimebag.