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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TootRant: I'm Not Even Gonna...

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No, seriously. No 'Toot toot' for the little scalp on the long side of the SPI (which worked even if you entered badly); no 'Toot toot' for the little (tiny) scalp on the long side of the bond, either, although the bloody bond trade annoyed the hell out of me: we exited with a few ticks - $400-odd in gains for 2-lot traders - and then what d'you know, the frigging thing spikes a whole POINT the following day. For those who haven't bothered to familiarise themselves with margin requirements, that's bloody near a 100% profit on maintenance margins. MISSED. Still, it's given it all back today, so that's something, at least.

Still, like Con the Fruiterer's Wife, "I no complain". Because as Mav's Mum often says (when discussing long-side bond trades during an obvious bond bear market)... "This... danger. This... very danger."

She often then proceeds to tell someone to "Get mechanic", but that's not important right now.

I've had several folks e-mail me and query why I have 'laissee glisser' (let slide) the normal daily End of Day crap-sheets... I mean, RantSheets. I thought I would deal with that tout de suite.

I have been meaning to revive the CrapSheets (the good old OzRant and USRant) for a while now, but franchement I've had a crack at converting (to PHP) the Excel macros that drive the whole shebang, and it's been more trouble than it's worth. I mean I spent ten whole minutes trying (I am not someone who believes in the merits of a job hard-won: I believe that given my talents, a job should be finished in ten minutes, n'importe quoi). I have been very strongly resisting installing any Microsoft crap on my new machine (hence I work with OpenOffice for word/excel/powerpoint type stuff), which means that my old RantGen worksheets no longer work.

But I feel your collective pain, angst, soul-cries and what-have-you, so I've decided to try and dig out my old Office 2000 CD (if I can find it amongst the crap in the boxes here at Rant a la Campagne). Like most Office installs, it's a copy (but mine is copy of a legitimate disk of my very own, which I have somehow misplaced - I promise).

Of course I could just download a pirate copy via Morpheus...

Anyhow, by hook crook or brook, I will re-commence full, proper RantSheets starting next Monday (Australian time). The only reason I don't anticipate getting them back on line before then, is that The Lovely's parents are infesting our lives for the next few days (starting tomorrow). I use the word "infesting" solely for literary effect, since the aforementioned parents are nice folks, tout les deux.

Now... what Morpheus search phrases should I use? Do I want OfficeXP or Office 2000?...

Just kidding, Mr Gates.